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Speculative Fiction, Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy

The Phantom Circuit, Space and Time Magazine, Baker Street Irregulars Vol. 1, Jule Selbo's non-fiction "Film Genre for the Screenwriter", Zooey Magazine and High Voltage Magazine.


Space & Time Magazine

It was an honor to be published in Space & Time Magazine's very first AI Discovery Issue! I used AI to help create 3 sentences of my short story, "Em Dash Eidolon", and it was amazing to see how AI completely inspired a new short story I never would have created otherwise.

Thank you to founder Leonard Speiser for including my use of AI in his piece, Algorithmic Allies.

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Film Genre for the Screenwriter (by Jule Selbo)

I served as content contributor for Jule Selbo's incredible film writing book, "Film Genre for the Screenwriter". Explaining the defining elements, characteristics and tropes of genres from romantic comedy to slasher horror, and using examples from classic films like Casablanca alongside recent blockbuster franchises like Harry Potter, Selbo offers a compelling and readable analysis of film genre in its written form. The book also offers case studies, talking points and exercises to make its content approachable and applicable to readers and writers across the creative field.

The Phantom Circuit

My debut novel, The Phantom Circuit, is available in e-book and print now. The audiobook is narrated by Michelle H. Lee and is available through Audible.

"Putting a modern twist on a timeless urban legend, Farmer’s prose is relatable for a wide swath of readers, both young and old, given our collective fears about the digital realm that has seemingly overtaken our lives. The symbolism that guides the plot is also universally relatable and relevant – time, death, identity, peace, dreams, stories, and memory. A heartrending tale that begins with the mirror in a long-forgotten locket soon echoes the gadgets of Silicon Valley, blending faith and abstract belief with real-world tech and hyper-modern philosophy."

- Self Publishing Review

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Baker Street Irregulars Vol. 1

It was very exciting to have my short story, "Beethoven's Baton", published in Baker Street Irregulars Vol. 1 (Diversion Books, co-edited by Michael A. Ventrella and NYT Bestselling Author Jonathan Maberry).


The audiobook is also available on Audible now!

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"Family ties and paranormal battles abound in Farmer’s debut, a speculative thriller based on the legend of Bloody Mary, set against a supernatural backdrop of time travel, celestial voids, and broken family ties... Readers who crave twisted storylines rich with paranormal angst will appreciate Farmer’s writing, as he adds depth through his focus on the family dynamics behind his characters’ actions... Great for fans of: Holly Black’s Book of Night, Chuck Wendig’s The Book of Accidents.

Self Publishing Review

The Phantom Circuit "is a wholly original mixture of paranormal, character-driven drama, and tech-driven anxieties. The structure of the novel pulls readers in well, like the twisted literary lovechild of A Christmas Carol and Memento, touching on deeply human fears both past and present, making it hard to put this eerily addictive thriller down."

Indie Reader

"Drawing from real-life issues and science fiction, Austin Farmer’s THE PHANTOM CIRCUIT is a tense and gripping novel with an intriguing plot that will leave readers stunned. Austin delivers a unique story about overcoming guilt while providing a fascinating exploration of the world of memories—a world beyond time and space."

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