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Keyboardist, Vocalist, and Producer

Pop Rock, Classic Rock, Indie Rock, Top 40, Halloween, and Holiday Songs


Here are a few of my favorite performances from Sunset Beat, Island Apollo & The Bolts, The Bookshelf Symphony Orchestra, and some of my Holiday covers! You'll also see a full live stream of my album as well as a special Mercedez-Benz commercial that Island Apollo's song, "Hold It Down", was featured in.

Sunset Beat Music

Island Apollo & The Bolts

The Bookshelf Symphony Orchestra

Holiday Music


We had some incredible music placements with The Bolts & Island Apollo. Our songs were featured on Nickelodean, CBS, KROQ, Fox Sports, NASCAR, Sprint, Disney, NFL, MLB, USA Network, E! Network, Delta Airlines, and more. Sobe featured our song, "Walk Away", in an online campaign featuring Kate Upton. Additionally, Sprint featured my band's song, "Wait 'Til Wer'e Young," in a national TV campaign. Our song, "Hold It Down," has gained over 3 million plays on Spotify, all completely as an independent artist. We have recorded with producers Andy Johns, Eric Lilavois, Keith Smith, and Guy Eckstine.

It was a pleasure to serve as Director of Music, Music Supervisor, and Metadata Manager for Vision 1 Music and the Legacy Music Project. Over the course of 7 years, I learned about music placement, music supervision, and music supervision from some of the best in the business.

For more information, please follow me online for the latest in performances and new music.

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